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The Association of International Preschools in Japan provides support, help, and a resource network in English and Japanese for owners and staff of international preschools. An "international preschool" is a school that provides lessons/care for children between the ages of two to six-years-old. The primary language used in the classroom by teachers and students is typically English. Other languages may also be taught, but English is the primary language taught and used for communication during class hours.
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I'm ready to start a school...

We will help you get your international preschool up and running successfully and quickly. Come learn about rules, regulations, and best practices for starting your school. 

My school is growing...

You have started your international preschool, so you know how daunting the day-to-day challenges are. Come learn from the established schools and learn what it takes to grow.

My school is established...

As an established school, you are managing staff, students, parents, curriculum, and more.
We will provide new insights, assist event planning, help with hiring/firing, and other pain points.

What services are provided?

Members have access to a private community, message boards, blog posts, monthly e-newsletter, biannual print-mailed newsletter, advice from professionals, annual conference, and more. Members will receive at least 10% off from vendor sponsors.

Blog Posts

We provide blog posts on a variety of varying topics that include all aspects of running an international preschool. We welcome member blog posts and guests blog posts.


We publish a monthly e-newsletter with content that is heavily dependent on the yearly events that your school may be preparing for. We also publish a triannual print newsletter. In addition, we provide a print newsletter for your students. 


The greatest asset of the Association is the shared knowledge and experience of the members. Through private message boards and messaging we can help, guide, and assist one another. 


An annual conference is held for Association members. We address the needs and wants of the Association members and make the conference media available online. The conference date and location will be set once the pandemic has subsided.

Professional Advice

We have a lawyer, accountant, and translator on retainer to answer questions for the Association. Questions answered by the professionals are available to all members in the forums, an archive is maintained.


Members will receive at least 10% off from sponsors’ products. In addition, members have the opportunity to collectively place orders for products from abroad thus, saving time and shipping costs.

Why the need for the Association of International Preschools in Japan?

To Support Schools

There aren't many English resources available on how-to start and operate an international preschool in Japan. We are here to provide assistance to schools, especially those wanting to start and those that just opened an international preschool in Japan.

To Grow the Market

Currently, competition isn’t the problem for international preschools, obscurity is. As the number of international schools grows, so does community awareness. Community awareness leads to market growth. Market growth leads to our goal, a bi-lingual Japan.

To Support Educators

We are here to support administrators, teachers, and staff by sharing our strategies, knowledge and experiences. We can provide assistance in event planning, curriculum design, parent interactions, staff hiring, government regulations, accounting, and more.

To Improve Students

We share our teaching styles, methods, and pedagogies that have shown the greatest success. Students can receive the most efficient and beneficial ways to develop strong English reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills possible before starting elementary school.

A whole world of knowledge awaits you...

Provide your teachers, staff, and students the best resources available.

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