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If you are wanting to know how to open an international preschool, then you are at the right place. Now is a great time to be starting your international preschool. The government subsidy, "Mushoka", is the catalyst that is empowering the industry. International preschools are growing in popularity and have now become affordable for many people. Help make Japan a bi-lingual nation by teaching preschool students to speak English. We provide resources and information for anyone looking to start an international preschool. Let's get started!

How to start a company?

We can assist you in starting your company by answering questions, filling-out paperwork, introducing bilingual registrars, and doing the entire process if you wish!

How to register as a Ninkagai Hoikuen?

We can assist you in registering your school as a Ninkagai Hoikuen with your local authorities. We can help by answering questions, filling-out paperwork, introducing interpreters, and doing the entire process if you wish!

What are the government regulations?

We can assist you in understanding the government regulations that pertain to operating a Ninkagai Hoikuen. We can help by answering questions, filling-out paperwork, introducing interpreters, help you prepare for government inspections and even be present during inspections!

What about staffing regulations?

We can assist you in making sure your school is adequately staffed, within government regulations, for the number of students you have attending. 

Where do I find qualified staff?

We can assist you in finding and hiring native English teachers, certified Japanese Nursery School teachers (hoikushi), bus services, meal services, music teachers, art teachers, PE teachers, and more. 

What government subsidies are there?

The government provides a substantial subsidy for preschool aged students. Learn who qualifies for the subsidies and how much. Learn about who and when qualifies for "Mushoka," the largest subsidy.

What should I teach to my students?

We have extensive experience creating all types of curriculum for students aged one-to-six-years-old. We can assist you in creating fun, engaging, and age appropriate lessons for your school.

How do I market and advertise?

We can help you launch your school by creating a comprehensive advertising and marketing campaign. It is important to effectively and fully share the vision and goals of your school when launching. 

How do I successfully recruit students?

We can assist you in recruiting the students that match your school's style. Finding students is important but finding the right students is more important. Learn how to create the learning space and sales literature that matches your school.  

What should I know for my first-year?

The first year is always the most difficult. We provide experience to help you prepare and answer any questions that parents may have. Having opened multiple schools, we are familiar with the types of students, parents, and events that are sure to occur.

What else is there?

We are a community welcoming and helping anyone that is creating an international preschool in Japan. Even if you aren't ready yet, you can still join us and start learning. We will provide ideas, support, resources, experiences, and so much more.
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