We can help you stay on top…

Congratulations! You have an international preschool up and running successfully! We know how hard it is to accomplish everything you have been able to do. Come share your experience with others. Better yet, come find ideas for all of the events you plan throughout the year! We can help you with hiring, coordinating, marketing, advertising, and anything else you may need to see your school grow even more successful!

Does your staff need help planning, creating new events, and executing sports festival?

We create a minimum of four different children and parent events each year. We create a minimum of five new dance routines each year with step-by-step video tutorials. We even have video tutorials on how to make costumes to go with the routines!
We provide event brochure templates and background music recommendations. You can also connect with other schools to borrow or rent equipment, costumes, and more!

Does your staff need age appropriate crafts, projects, and help finding supplies for the art festival?

We upload at least 10 different art projects each year with step-by-step video tutorials with material lists. We also choose a theme each year and will upload art projects for four different age groups around the theme. Theme examples, Toy Story, Minions, Paw Patrol, Anpanman, space, and more. If you need help finding hard to find art supplies, we can help!

Does your staff need dance routines, costume ideas, and music for performance festival?

We upload a minimum of four different dance routines each year with step-by-step video tutorials. We upload step-by-step tutorials on how to make costumes to accompany the dance routines. Rather than make a costume, set props, or a background scene, you could borrow or rent it from another school! We share lists of songs for each age level that we have successfully used. You can even have piano versions of songs recorded at the tempo you need for your school!

Does your staff need new curriculum ideas for the classroom?

We all have a wealth of experience and knowledge for teaching all kinds of subjects. Together, we can help staff to overcome their mental blocks and create new curriculum. For inexperienced staff, we can help guide them and offer numerous ideas and lesson plans.

Does your staff need new ideas for classroom discipline?

Everyone has some students that may not be cooperating as well as we would like. We all share ideas, methods, and techniques to get the most challenging of students to participate in class. Through our collective experience we can help each teacher and school improve.

Would your school benefit from a teachers/staff training or exchange program?

Your staff will be invited into other international preschools to learn how they teach and run their day-to-day operations. Your staff can receive training or develop new ideas from visiting other schools. Other schools also benefit by visiting your school to exchange ideas and methods.

Are you interested in knowing what vendors and costs other schools have?

There are a lot of outside services you use on a daily or yearly basis. You can benefit by knowing what costs and vendors other schools are using for lunch service, uniforms, art supplies, furniture, and more. By being informed you can negotiate and make better decisions for your school.

Would you be interested in adding your individual order to a bulk order?

By purchasing in bulk, we can receive the lowest possible cost per unit. Also, when ordering from abroad, schools can save money by sharing shipping costs. This is especially helpful when having things sent from Oriental Trading or Lakeshore. We’ve found it incredibly helpful when Lakeshore orders are sent by container. You can have your whole classroom shipped over! 

Would you like to see/receive handbook templates, rule sheets, sign-up sheets, contracts, and more for staff and students?

It is helpful to see other school’s paperwork and see what you have possibly missed adding to yours. Maybe you haven’t created a document yet and would benefit from having a template to start from. You can customize and make each document your own to use.

Would you be interested in summer school, winter school, or spring school plans and activities?

We provide ideas, crafts, cooking recipes, science experiments, and more. If you currently aren’t running these programs, then you have the opportunity to hear from other schools how lucrative they can be. If you are running these programs, then you can share your advice and ideas with everyone.
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