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You have started your international preschool, so you know how daunting the challenges are. Your days are filled with teaching, childcare, coordinating, planning, hiring, managing, shopping, stressing, talking to parents, more stressing, possibly even bus driving! The good news is it gets better and easier the more you understand. You are nearing the reward of great results, loyal students, and satisfied staff. The great news is it can all be had sooner and easier with help from other owners. We’ve been where you are and want to help you get to where you want to go. We are here to give feedback on your ideas, listen to your troubles, give you advice on moving forward, and assist as needed.

Are you struggling with student recruitment, marketing, and advertising?

If you aren’t getting the sign-up you need then turn to us to help you see why your program isn’t converting like it should be. Maybe you aren’t sure which media will get you the best results for the money you have to spend. We’ve used about every marketing technique and media available. Come join us to find out what has worked best and what has worked recently.

Are you trying to hire but don’t know where to look or what to offer?

We’ve hired locally, abroad, online, by phone, experienced, inexperienced, native, non-native, part-time, full-time, and nearly everything else. Hiring is most important, it means making your life better and easier, or making your life miserable and stressful. Don’t underestimate how important great assets to the company are. We can help you ask the right questions and help you design tasks to make sure you are hiring the correct teachers/staff to make your school a success.

Are you having difficulty with a parent or group of parents?

No matter how wonderful and great your school is, eventually, you will have a difficult parent or group of parents. At some point, parents will become upset and it may not even be your fault. We’ve seen about everything that can go wrong between teacher and parents, staff and parents, school and parents, and worst of all, parents and parents. We can show you a different perspective of the situation and help you avoid unnecessary conflict. If necessary, we can help strengthen your argument and support you as necessary.

Are you having difficulty getting teachers/staff to perform as well as you expect and need them to?

This could be your first-time managing teachers/staff and you aren’t sure how to get them to execute to your standard and/or their potential. Instead of learning through trial and error, you can learn what has worked for other owners. We’ve worked with and managed all types of teachers/staff and understand the frustration you feel at times. Avoid the stress and worrying, ask for help.

Is your personal life becoming entwined with your school and your spouse expressing displeasure?

Many international preschool owners struggle with separating the family from the school. In most instances, the school was created to give the owner’s child a place to learn and speak English. Yet, how do you transition away from a family run school and become a business? We can show you how we have done it and how to do so without upsetting your spouse.

Is your child a student at the school and are you having difficulties with boundaries?

In many cases, your child is at school from open to close and is causing difficulty for staff or yourself, maybe you haven’t realized it. Perhaps you aren’t able to become close-friends with the parents of your child’s classmates because they see you as owner and not parent. There are probably Line groups that you aren’t invited into or playdates that you aren’t welcomed to. Many of us have felt lonely, isolated, and shunned by our children’s classmates’ parents. Worst of all, we feel sorry for our children because they aren’t invited to group playdates outside of school. Almost all of us have had these feelings and learned how to best accommodate our children and their friends. We can help you manage the relationships around your children at school.

Are you unsure what you should be teaching young learners?

Many Eikaiwa owners that open international preschools struggle with what to teach. Most Eikaiwa owners are excellent at teaching 50-minute children’s lessons. However, most struggle with teaching two to six-year-olds for four to four and a half hours a day, five days a week, 200+ days a year. We can help show you how a two-year-old can start with zero English ability and graduate four years later, reading, writing, understanding, and speaking English well enough to pass the STEP Eiken Pre-2.

Are you finding yourself isolated, alone, and feel like everyone is a competitor?

Ultimately, connecting to other owners, managers, and teachers will help you in many ways that can’t be expressed. We are not competing with each other; we are helping one another. The goal is to enjoy your life as much as possible while gainfully contributing to English education in Japan. Your contribution to the group and your growth within the group will help promote English education at the preschool level in Japan. As a collective, we can change English education from the bottom-up! 

Are you struggling to receive 認可外保育施設指導監督基準を満たす旨の証明書 certification

We can assist you in receiving your Certificate for meeting the standards for guidance and supervision of unauthorized childcare facilities. We can explain why it's such an important certification to receive for the life of your school.

What else is there?

We are a community welcoming and helping anyone that is creating an international preschool in Japan. Even if you aren't ready yet, you can still join us and start learning. We will provide ideas, support, resources, experiences, and so much more.
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