Government Inspection time is here! Do you have your documents in order?


Here is a general list of the documents that you will need to prepare for the annual inspection. Remember, clearing the inspection is what makes you certified. Certification could be very important in the future. There are some cities that have discussed not granting the Mushoka subsidy to schools that are not certified. The discussion was, if a ninkagai hoikuen hasn’t received their Certificate of Standards within 5-years, then their students will not be eligible to receive the government subsidy. Has anyone else heard this? Don’t forget, the Certificate of Standards also makes the students’ preschool tuition tax exempt.


Documents needed for the annual inspection by the Ninkagai Hoikuen Authorities


1)       運営状況報告書

Operation status report – this will be provided by the local government in advance

2)       労働者名簿(氏名、生年月日、従事する業務の種類、雇用年月日など)

List of staff – personal information, title, date of hire, etc.

3)       資格証明書(保育士、幼稚園教諭、看護師など)

Certificates of all the Hoikushi license holders

4)       雇用計画書(契約期間、仕事内容、労働時間、賃金、休日など)

Employment contract including salary/hourly wage

5)       賃金台帳

Payroll record

6)       出勤簿またはタイムカード

Record of attendance of staff or timecard

7)       健康診断記録

Record of staffs’ annual health check

8)       就業規則(労働条件、欠勤、有給休暇などに関するルールを労働基準法に基づいて作成)

Labor regulations (make clear rules about work conditions, absent, paid leave, etc)

9)       児童名簿(氏名、生年月日、健康状態、保護者、連絡先など)

Students’ information (personal information, health status, parents’ information etc.)

10)   利用者負担額が分かる書類

Document showing the fees  (such as school brochure)

11)   児童出席簿

Students’ attendance

12)   施設および保育日誌

Daily note

13)   保育計画(年間指導計画、月案、週案、日案)

Annual/monthly/weekly school schedule

14)   児童の健康記録(身体・体重測定、予防接種記録、歯科検診など)

Record of each child’s health including height, weight, vaccination record, dental check-ups, etc.

15)   避難訓練の計画および実施記録

Yearly evacuation drill schedule and actual date of conduction

16)   消防関係書類(消防計画、防災管理者の選任)

Fire defense plan

17)   平面図

Floor plan of the facility

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