What is AIPJapan?

AIPJapan was created to provide assistance to both Japanese and foreigners opening or operating an international preschool in Japan. The association provides support, help, and a resource network in English and Japanese for owners and staff of international preschools.  

We aim to:
There aren't many English resources available on how-to start and operate an international preschool in Japan. We are here to provide assistance to schools, especially those wanting to start and those that just opened an international preschool.

Currently, competition isn’t the problem for international preschools, obscurity is. As the number of international schools grows, so does community awareness. Community awareness leads to market growth. Market growth leads to our goal, a bi-lingual Japan.  

We are here to support administrators, teachers, and staff by sharing our strategies, knowledge and experiences. We can provide assistance in event planning, curriculum design, parent interactions, government regulations, accounting, and more.  

We share our teaching styles, methods, and pedagogies that have shown the greatest success. Students benefit by receiving the most efficient and beneficial ways to develop strong English reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.  


As the number of international preschools increases, it is important that owners, managers, teachers, and parents maintain the highest standards possible. With "mushoka," the government subsidy for preschool students, it is expected that hundreds of international preschools will be started by inexperienced and untrained staff. As an association, we are here to support the inexperienced and untrained. By doing so, we help to protect the international preschool community. It is our role to make sure we uphold the governmental regulations at a minimum for ninkagai-hoikuen. In addition, association members are expected to provide and accept assistance and guidance from other members.

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As we grow, we will be adding more and more services. Membership to the association is free. However, there will be some course offerings, events, and other benefits that will only be available at a cost.

We look forward to expanding and growing the international preschool market with you!
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